Welcome to the place for 
Soul-Centered Healing

I have an offering I would like to share with you. It will only take a bit more than an hour yet when we are finished you will have received so much value.

Life and the lessons we are to learn have increased in strength and number over the past several years during this intense growth period. It can feel as if time itself has sped up causing more stress in handling even our most basic obligations let alone keeping our energy up with a positive attitude. It helps to have someone who can see, feel and mirror back to you your own higher wisdom so you can evolve and take action from a place of empowerment instead of habit or reaction. So what is this offering? It’s truly unique each time we meet, a personalized one-on-one session intended to bring you closer to your True Self and a higher level of functionality in your world. When you get closer to the Truth of who you are you naturally start to experience a feeling of wholeness and an inner knowing of the perfection of your life’s path. From that place of center, you find your strength on the inside, knowing you can face your life with courage and grace.

Finding your Innate Wisdom

Wisdom is our Divine birthright. It comes from integrating
our life lessons, knowing our strengths and weaknesses,
and accepting ourselves exactly where we are at in the present moment.
It comes from diving into the Mystery of who we are,
finding why we came, and healing all levels of being:
physical, emotional, mental, and soul.

“Concepts are like ploughed fields. The Treasure is hidden where it’s wild.
It is your fantasies about what the Treasure is that stop you recognizing the Treasure.”
~ RUMI ~


Jeannie Brisson brings to her one-on-one session work over 20 years experience combining Naturopathy, Daoist Medicine, Energy Healing, and Consciousness work. She has extensive post graduate training in multiple disciplines including: functional and alternative medicine, nutrition, non-force structural work, sound healing, and energy medicine. She works with people all over the world both in person and virtually. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a session look like?
Each session is individually tailored to your current needs and your main form of communication. Some people communicate in feelings and emotion and some are more mental in their communication style. Yet each session usually involves checking in with each other, some guided consciousness work, and some quiet energy healing work. 

Do you do a specific modality?
I have many different tools to create the environment for healing and for self-knowledge to happen. Each session is a co-creative process between us that involves our individual consciousness and Higher Wisdom to guide the process.

Can we meet first to see if we are a good fit?
I offer a free 10-minute initial phone conversation to see if we want to work together. Not everyone requires this as they may have been referred by a trusted friend or family member.

Pricing: Single session: $234
Packages: 3 Series: $678, 6 Series: $1193, 12 Series: $2112

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